Hi, I’m Evan Marc Katz, dating coach for smart, successful women, and the author of four books. I have a blog that’s reached 35 million readers, a podcast with 2.5 million downloads, and I’ve been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including Today, the New York Times, and the Wall St. Journal. 

This is entirely irrelevant as to why you should subscribe to Lovesplaining.

You should subscribe because nothing’s more important than love

Not money. Not intelligence. Not status. You know it. I know it. The famous 75-year Harvard longitudinal study knows it. Yet, for some reason, we think love should come easily - despite all the evidence to the contrary.

You may have spent years pursuing your bachelor’s, master's, or doctorate.

You work 40+ hours a week to make money, travel, and retire.

How much time do you take to understand dating and relationships so you can live happily ever after?  

My guess: less time than you spend on Netflix. 

That’s why I’m so excited about Lovesplaining. In a world of self-proclaimed dating influencers on TikTok and Instagram, it felt like there was a lack of nuanced conversation about this topic. This is my attempt to fill that void. 

Heroic, I know.

If you’re tired of Tinder, burned out on Bumble, and confused about why it’s so hard to create a passionate, lasting relationship, you’re in the right place. 

I’m excited for you to join me and to hear your thoughts. 

(By the way, men, you’re invited to this conversation, too!)

Who the hell am I and why am I so into love?

Back when blogging was a thing, I had the #1 rated dating and relationship blog on the internet with 12 million viewers in 2016. We had a large community of commenters who provided valuable insight and feedback.

After five years of coaching both men and women, I discovered 80% of my readers were women. Turns out men need more help but women ask for more help. Sad, but predictable. I quickly pivoted to become the first male dating coach to focus exclusively on helping high-achieving women find love. 

Simultaneously, I had another epiphany: I was a hypocrite who didn’t follow his own advice. I’d tell clients to persevere, compromise, and value their partner's character over his credentials. I just wasn’t doing it myself. 

Finally, after over 300 dates (yes, I counted!), I got married. That was 15 years ago. It was the best decision I ever made, and I might be one of the happiest married men you know. Seriously, my wife rocks

My favorite person in the world.

That’s no accident. While normal guys in their 20s and 30s were improving their academic credentials, resumes, and golf handicaps, I was doing a deep dive into how to select better partners and build healthier relationships. 

In 2015, I put my knowledge into a coaching course, ingeniously called Love U. My clients are generally college-educated, six-figure-earning women, 35-75, who have everything but love. They’re tired of dating. They don’t trust their judgment. I try to take the same confidence they have at work, apply it to their love lives, and raise the bar on what they expect from relationships. 

Like Sam Harris on meditation or Arthur C. Brooks on happiness (I know: I flatter myself!), I’ve dedicated over 10,000 hours to coaching women over two decades. Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned on Substack - a platform that hosts the writing of so many people I respect. 

I sincerely hope to earn your respect and that my work helps you find love.

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As a blogger for 15 years, I know about giving stuff away for free. As a published author, I know about getting paid for my work. Therefore, I hope you enjoy the free content, and I trust you’ll discover the value of a paid subscription.

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About Me:

Evan Marc Katz is a dating coach who has specialized in helping smart, strong, successful women since 2003. He has written four books and has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including Today, the New York Times, and CNN. Since 2015, Evan’s blog has had 35 million readers, his Love U podcast has 2.5 million downloads and 13,000 women from 40 countries have graduated from Love U, his six-month video course that helps women understand men and find love. Evan lives in Los Angeles with his incredibly cool, incredibly patient wife and their two surprisingly funny children. 

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Evan Marc Katz 

Evan Marc Katz is a dating coach and author who helps smart, successful women have happier relationships. Thousands of women have graduated from Love U, his course that helps women understand men and find love.